“We just had our carpets cleaned by ACE — what a wonderful job, they look brand new! There were pet stains (muddy paws due to rain & snow, diarrhea, etc) and it all came out. The best part was not just the quick service, but the low price to do the work! It is so worth it to have clean rugs — GREAT job Ace!!”



“Thanks Len for the great job!   Just finishing up a little at school and noticed when I came in how nice the hallway carpet looked.  Appreciate the effort you put into making so.”



“You always do a great job and get the job done in a timely manner.  We also appreciate your competitive prices.”



“Len – Great web site!  Also, great job on the carpets yesterday! We couldn’t believe the spilled nail polish totally removed in the master bedroom. We do agree your system dries faster than any my wife and I have ever hired. That keeps the house from feeling like a sauna afterwords. Thanks again!”



“I won’t let anyone else touch my carpet”

“You are MY carpet guy”

“The fastest drying system we’ve ever hired, and we’ve tried them all!”



“I’ll be telling all my friends about you”

“WOW!  I’ve tried wine away and it didn’t work, but you were able to take the wine spot right out”

“The most professional service in town”

“The re-stretching made our carpet look 10 years newer”



“Its been awhile since you cleaned for me. I moved three years ago and that was the reason for the cleaning. My first thought though was “Why did I never have it done sooner?” Its affordable and you did a great job which brings me to the second thought of…you got most of my spots out! Thanks Len!”