Water Damage

Broken water pipes?  No problem!

We are equipped to handle any flood; after all, we’ve been doing this since 2001!  We are also familiar with working with insurance companies.

If the customer is able, you can remove the furniture from the flooded areas.  If that is not possible, we can do it for you.


Our process

Our system of drying carpet consists of the following steps:

  1. Extract the water.

    1. We use a tool for water extraction called the Water Claw.  It it even able to pull water from the pad under the carpet.
  2. Dry the carpet and pad.

    1. We use carpet drying Air Movers.  Our dehumidifier is capable of removing up to 28 gallons of water per day!
      Please note: that in certain circumstances, such as sewage overflow, the floor covering has to be removed and discarded.
  3. Re-stretch

    1. Re-stretching is done once the carpet is dry.  We do all of this from start to finish.