About Us

Here’s a little about us:


Never more in love.

Owners Len and Traci Pope have been married since August 6, 1989. They have 3 children. They live on a small farm just east of Walla Walla.  Len has lived in Walla Walla since 1975.  Traci moved here in 1989 from Lyle, Washington.  Len and Traci met while attending school at UCA.

Len started Ace Carpet Cleaning in January 2001 after a 12 year career in the printing industry.

Traci stays busy keeping the books for the business and homeschooling our three children.

See our youtube channel to see some of the things that we do for fun.





Here are a few items that I have found over the years that are meaningful to me:


Ok so this is the latest greatest thing I have found, and I am REALLY excited about trying it in my garden:  Back To Eden

Get straight answers to Bible questions:  Bible Info

Watch Mark Gungor, he’s FUNNY!  The Tale Of Two Brains

Watch Pam Stenzel, she’s SERIOUS!  Sex Still Has A Price Tag

Watch Dave Ramsey talk about money!  Financial Peace University

Watch Louis Giglio, he’s an AMAZING speaker!  If The Earth Were A Golf Ball…

Vacation in Alaska!   He’s my brother!

Pathfinder camporee August 2014, OshKosh, WI