The theme song for the 2009 International Pathfinder Camporee

The Em sounds right when you listen to the recording.  Play the E chord on the last time through, it has strength to it that enhances the sound of the song.

For you intermediate to advanced players:  Drop D Capo.  Clamp the strings A through E on the second fret.  It’s the same effect as Drop D tuning.

Contact me at the email address listed above and I will send you my copy.  Please specify word doc or PDF.

Learn to play the introduction: Click Here

Courage To Stand

G                                         D                   Bm (xoo432)
We are called to stand for such a time as this
C                                                            A
We must fight for what is right and learn to trust in Him
G                                          D                 Bm
We have a truth to live for, a promise to defend
G                                               A
Stand up tall stand up proud ‘till the very end

G                   D                G                  Bm
Stand strong, stand firm press on until the end
G                      A
And claim the promise of His word
G                          D                    Bm                              Em or E
We have got a message let’s spread it through the land
G                            A               D
Praying for the courage to stand

G                                             D                    Bm
Let’s run but let’s not hide proclaiming once again
C                                                     A
To fight for what is right showing love unto all men
G                                               D                    Bm
Not fearing what may come nor looking to the past
G                                        A
Trusting everything we are to the one whose love will last

D              G                A                                                 D
Standing, standing, standing on the promises of Christ my savior
D               G                       D                          A                  D
Standing, standing, I’m standing on the promises of God